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10 things I am THANKFUL for :)

June 10th, 2008 at 05:45 pm

As with any journey, one must have the strength come from within in order to achieve. I've been with SavingAdvice for many years and have learned some great Personal finance tips. In the process I've 'fallen off the wagon', 'bumped my head on the way down', and simply attained 'frugal amnesia' by forgetting how I got to where I once was in the first place.

May was a very good month here chez moi-- we've managed to write down EVERYTHING we owe on and have split it into two groups:

1st of the month bills: Car, Tuitions, Student Loans, 2 Credit cards

15th of the month bills: Cable, Cellphone, and Food.

Having them down on paper made me breathe a little easier because now I can devise a game plan and attack my debt slowly. Thanks to the stimulus money, we were able to get rid of one old delinquent credit card that stood proudly at 30% (penalty APR). I could have used that money for other things but unfortunately the collector was none too cooperative with his terror tactics.

While I see there is a '10 things I Regret...' contest going on here.. I'd like to put a positive spin on and aptly name '10 things i'm thankful for...'

10. Computer proficiency- without it i'd be lost in a dated Personal finance book without any contemporary information/advice.

9. My car- even though it's a bit of a gas guzzler, I can happily seat my kids, hubby, and my kids' friends when they go out on escapades with us.

8. My friends- although I have less than a handful, without them I'd be lost. Thank you so much guys for coping with me Smile

7. My living arrangement- Living in this beautiful four bedroom apartment rent free is an absolute dream in this economy. While most look at it as ::sigh:: base housing, I look at it as a realtor's dream -beautiful beachfront view and quiet nights without loud motorbikes roaring up and down the streets

6. My plants- They bring me peace. I've realized that no matter how hard I try, I just can't keep pets.

5. My parents- Despite their issues, they are always there for us time and again.

4. CUNY colleges- I could have easily overpaid ridiculous tuition for the same education I found in CUNY. It's the best kept secret in New York! Smile

3. Saving Advice.com- Like a good friend, SavingAdvice keeps me informed and no matter what site I visit, I always tend to come back here to get the expert advice from familiar names I know Smile

2. Health- That's just a given. Life without good health is just CHALLENGING.

and 1 of course, my family- It took me being a mommy and a wife to understand what life really stands for. I don't regret what I've done to get us this far.

Life is a journey-- and I'm LOVING IT every step of the way! Onward!!

4 Responses to “10 things I am THANKFUL for :)”

  1. JanH Says:

    What a nice entry! We need positive people to keep us on the right track! I love the term frugal amnesia. Going to steal that one for future use!

  2. greengirl Says:

    i have been on saving advice for nearly a year and a half and i too, have fallen off the frugal wagon a few times but it's also for me the site i keep coming back to all the time Big Grin

  3. mom-sense Says:

    I second Jan H! What a nice post! I need to be surrounded with fiscally positive cyber-friends - seems like my friends and extended family are over-extended, worried about the future. While nothing is certain, I am grateful for my family and our health.

  4. monkeymama Says:

    Great post!

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