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Turning over a new leaf... a greener one :)

September 15th, 2005 at 05:29 pm

So here I am.. back at the greatest site on the planet. I haven't completely disappeared.. was just lurking around for a bit. My schedule is rather hectic: 5 college classes, 1 part time job, 2 delightful little girls, and of course " tryin' to make a dollar outta fifteen cents".

I did resume the nasty habit for a few months.. but I stopped again in late July. Come to think of it, I abandoned my envelope system and completely splurged for a few months.. but I resumed my quest in August.
I have managed again to save a total of 340.00 in my phillip morris donation box (I took an old recipe box I found in the basement and printed out some grotesque pictures of blackened lungs, the skull and crossbones symbol and the marlboro logo. I then pasted it on the box and each time I think about it, I put 7 bucks in there!)

Curiosity got the best of me so I calculated some peculiar totals:

July-September: 340.00
October: 112.00
November 112.00
December: 140.00

Potential Phillip Morris refund/ Savings for the year: 704.00!! (talk about transposition lol)

2006: $1456.00

Interesting... 28.00 X 52= 1456.00!!
(and yes.. I smoked 4 packs a week!)
It makes me sooo sick to think how much i've spent on those things.. but hindsight's a %*^$!

I stopped the newspaper service (the paper girl is just too disorderly!) so I decided to count those totals too (yes. I have too much spare time at school on occasion lol)

Hey.. it's not much but it's more than I have in my purse right now!!

Well.. i'm off to do my homework.. i'll report more tomorrow.

1 Responses to “Turning over a new leaf... a greener one :)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Congrats on kicking the habit. Most people don't succeed the first time, so don't kick yourself for going back for a few months.

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