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Tis the season

November 25th, 2005 at 08:25 am


Wow. This is the first time in four days that i've been able to sit down and read my email. I'm going to venture out soon in hopes of obtaining some minor gifts... geez it's soooo cold out! I went out earlier to take DD to the clinic... not looking forward to the gust. After reading a post on here, I'm going to set two objectives today:

2. START WRITING CARDS for delivery 12/3/05

Hopefully i'll be able to get this done..i'm crossing my fingers!


November 18th, 2005 at 05:35 pm

After reading so many cool blogs out there, I made one up and have been chatting away about anything under the sun (all the while neglecting my supercool saving advice bloggie Frown ) Just got in from seeing the RCMHS in Manhattan- hubby managed to get orchestra seats from the MWR for 35 bucks heheh. The show was great, the food was immensely overpriced, and I have newly hatched blisters from walking around Midtown with a 45 pound child attached to my hip. Gotta love motherhood!!

I must say, I am VERY HAPPY with Jeffreys IPOD offer posts. I have opened up two CDs with Netbank and one credit card offer from Schwab- so that's THREE IPOD shuffles shufflin my way wooohoo! I have decided that I'm keeping one and giving the other two as gifts during three kings day (my family gives gifts in December and January for the latecomers hehe), The CD rate is AWESOME imho- if I had more to put in, i certainly would... this way I have more secured capital to put back into my online business in 2006.

On a happier note, I was able to register for my grad courses without a hitch this semester... so I'm a happy camper Smile

Ok.. time to relax and take a bubble bath. CIAO!