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Unexpected windfall breaks monotony chez moi :)

September 17th, 2005 at 04:47 pm

Funny how life is! Today I started the day a little grumpy... payday was two days ago and we're back down to BROKE lol. Hubby and I went shopping at the commissary and found great wholesale bargains at the tent outside the store. I bought 5 packs of 15-Roll Bounty Paper Towels at 7.35 each (the very same bounty I bought at Costco earlier in the week for 14.99). We spent a whopping 160 bucks but all of it was 100% justifiable.

On the way home from this plastic shopping spree, I felt a little bummed because I wanted to have a girly beauty day (hair, nails, waxings etc) this payday. Hubby was all for having me splurge via the plastics but the frugal in me rebelled against the idea.

When I got home, I checked the mailbox and found a refund check from school. Apparently I'd made an overpayment last summer and got $187.75 back. MONEY BACK FROM SCHOOL? I ran over to the bank and cashed it right away.

And thus.. the day of beauty reigned!

Barb: Hair, Nails, Waxing
Hubby: Waxing (Eyebrows.. he looks so cute hubba hubba!)
Kitty: Hair
DD: Hair
Mom: 20.00 in cash since she didn't go with us for beauty day.

It was a beauty day for all of us.. and I still managed to save $57.75 of this unexpected money in a new envelope entitled Freaky School Payout Leftover heheh.

3 Responses to “Unexpected windfall breaks monotony chez moi :)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    As someone who uses one roll of paper towels a year, I was curious as to what you will be using 95 rolls for and how long will they last?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    LOL.. we go through a 15 pack in about a month. Since it's something we use frequently, any savings is good savings.

  3. ROXY Says:

    Debt can be draining of ones body! You needed and deserved the pampering. It sounds like you knew and know what is happening. You try to control it, but can not. Your husband seems to be on his own agenda and you are left to cope? Hells yeah you deserve pampering. Why not? If he can do his thing, than why cant you? I understand this so clearly. I am sorry. I think that it is depressing that you feel you have no control. AT LEAST YOU KNOW WHAT HE IS DOING THO. My ex husband never told me. I found out when creditors would call, when we would go to buy something and something shown on our credit reports, or when the repo man showed up and I had to call my father to come and keep me from loosing our car. I wondered why we always stayed broke after finding out that he had not paid the bills that we had.

    At least you know. Do not feel like you can not be the wife that says, hey.. we did it your way. Look where we are. Now its my turn! My way.

    You are attempting to make a difference or else you would not be here. Looking for savings advice and sharing yourself for people to just be asses and mock you in their lil fantasy world blogs that seem so unrealistic.

    A house wife who claims all of her husbands money that he works hard for who saved 11 grand this year already? Sounds like someone is either making money in a way that they should not be asking what FDIC is. I knew what that was when I was a kid and had a savings account.

    Anyone who would have to vent about someone else who is TRYING and KNOWS they need to do something, is of a lower class than finding poverty in my book. Its a cheap shot. It is also taking away from their own problems which is more than likely worse and not the pretty painted picture they draw on here! YOU ARE REAL and they are jealous because they try to fake their own story!

    You are human. I do not know you. I can relate to you more so than most on their blogs. Thank you for being REAL!

    I do wish you the best. It is hell when you have compulsive spending habits, depression from that and debt that follows with children and being at home not bringing in money yourself.

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