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October 1st, 2005 at 05:04 pm

Today I attended a free computer training class at school and got a free flash drive just for attending. It's even got my name on it hehehe. They taught us how to make a powerpoint slide heheheheh. I LOVE IT!!
I've decided that i'm going to make a slide documenting my envelope/habit process.

Last night hubby took me out to eat to celebrate my degree arrival. Funny how being a college graduate doesn't really hit home until you see the actual diploma in your hand. The one that came in the mail is the 2 year one though... the 4 year one is coming in June after I walk in the ceremony. GULP... it's only taken me.. uhmmm 8 years to get a 4 year degree lol. That's okay though.. my two greatest diplomas are in the other room watching Tom and Jerry until bedtime =o)

That being said... here are the goals for October:

1. Cut down on buying sweets. (OUCH.. it's time to burn away the 20 pounds I have put on passing up cigs)
2. Set up a holiday envelope (Min $300 by December). (Its Christmas in October in my eyes. I am stocking up on gift certificates and cashing out reward points AHEAD of time lol)
3. Tweak the bills down somewhere by 20.00 (I'm thinking probably phone bills?)

By the way.. OKtoBrianna is the name of the chick on Billy Idol's tattoo.. Happy October Y'all!!!! YAYYYYYY

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