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Spending and Earning..

October 12th, 2005 at 08:24 am

Don't you just looove how when you get extra windfalls of cash, you spend it all right away!? I got paid a hefty check from an online venture that I decided to be brave with.. and went a little crazy with the profits lol. I paid my husband's huge Target bill and managed to buy a few things with the loot left over. I added the chump change to the Christmas envelope (side note: thanks to a member on here who clued me in that you can have multiple mini accounts in ING and name them whatever you like,, that is outstanding!! I opened up an online xmas account with them hehe)

The entrepreneur bug is hitting me hard as of late. I am so fed up with saving my pennies! On a smoother note, I just finished writing a play about tourists on the Staten Island Ferry- hopefully my classmates won't butcher my piece!

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