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Bill Roulette

October 13th, 2005 at 03:35 pm

Today I feel just like the weather outside... dismal, humid, and cold. The bills don't skip a beat.. the mid month bills come pouring in before payday, creditors hungrily outstretching their hands, palm-up, eyes blazin'. I've got them in my bill basket for now.. resisting the urge to 'pre-pay' with my emergency funds and rest easier tonight. Sometimes I feel like i've got a touch of OCD when it comes to bills. I've gone bankrupt once in my life and now i'm slowly regaining my balance financially. A bankruptcy can really screw up your plans if you want to get a house and a car... mannnn.

This month I get to say goodnight and farewell to hubby's pre-military student loans. I just finished making my last hefty payment and after this month, two hundred smackaroos is freed up for good... YEEEHAWWWWWW!!

Move over Dave Ramsey.... Jeffrey Strain and Saving Advice.com is the bommmb digggity!

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