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$0.52 Shopping Day and a Dream.

May 9th, 2006 at 04:16 am

I must start off by saying this...I am no fan of cellphones and their gazillion accessories. I remember a time when people would go run errands and not have to "check in" every five minutes. The calls I receive during my outings often disturb my mood significantly.

I keep my phone on vibrate mode because: #1. It gives me an excuse to say "Whoops, I didn't catch the call on time!"

#2. I feel it is rude to talk when I am in other people's company (unless it's the sitter with an important rugrat report).

#3. It lessens the probability of picking up the phone while driving.

Hubby bought me a bluetooth headset last year so I can talk while I drive. I was reluctant to use it at first but then I pictured myself looking like supercool Uhura from Star trek (my 60's idol lol)- so I opted for the device.

My darling husband purchased one for each of us and after weeks of happy usage.... his headset broke. It was beyond repair. Apparently Hubby pulled a "Lenny" chokehold (Of mice and men) on the headset- smashing the tiny gadget to pieces in the process.

So I offered my headset because he drives around alot (Army Recruiter). He popped in one day during lunch with a small Cingular shopping bag and handed me a newer model of the headset.In a desperate pitch to compete with Verizon Wireless, Cingular ran a bluetooth special offer with a $30 Rebate Visa Debit Card.

I received the card in the mail yesterday just as I was headed to the grocery store. I had planned to buy $50 in groceries this week using my ATM card but Cingular's card saved the day! I bought all that I needed for this week for exactly $30.52. I whipped out 52 cents in dimes and pennies and left the store a happy camper Smile


Aside from my small victory against the tight budget, I also found a total of $3.05 in the form of quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. Funny- three dollars sounds like nothing when you say it. Anyone can earn more than that in an hour of work (well... except waiters which have my full sympathy for standing on their feet for hours!). These three dollars come from walking around and talking to my shape-up partner about anything under the sun. A little leisure time spent WITHOUT television or computer is a blessing in disguise. TV and the internet made me stagnant far too long and while I don't blame electronics for making me fat, I do blame myself for not moving around and enjoying life at a leisurely pace.

My strolling partner asked what I was planning on doing with that money. Since I just started going back to church, I am considering some form of charity (split part of the daily finds and offer it during the collection portion of Sunday mass.) My partner laughed because the amount I'd give is way too small under our current economic standard. I disagree.
I feel what I give in charity comes from my heart. I don't work (yet) and hubby's salary covers all our dues. Our church envelope denominations start at $5.00 and goes up to $25.00. But enough about that... on to the bigger fish, I say!
Congress once debated on eradicating the penny and rounding things off to the nearest nickel. THAT COSTS US MORE MONEY, FOLKS! I have found dollar bills in the trash, coins on the floor, in the bank, in the street, in front of my house, in the bushes, on my car, in the subway, ALL OVER CAMPUS, under radiators, inside empty desks, the list goes on. Heck, I even saw a homeless man PASS on what seemed to be 75 cents in quarters, dimes, and nickels. Apparently the change wasn't good enough for him?

We need to re-evaluate our thoughts on what we consider valuable, folks. It costs 1.3 cents to make 1 cent. I urge all of you to start your own changepots and gather ye rosebuds while ye may.

5 Responses to “$0.52 Shopping Day and a Dream.”

  1. robex Says:

    Has anyone ever mentioned to you how well you write? I always enjoy reading your posts!

  2. kashi Says:

    I do the same thing with my cell phone. People get irritated sometimes, but hey, it's my time!

  3. armywife Says:

    awwwwwh Thanks for the compliment robex Smile

  4. LuckyRobin Says:

    I didn't even have a cell phone until last summer. Most of the time I don't even have it on, unless my kids are not with me. I use it when I want to, like waiting for the car repair place to call me back or dialing for takeout from my mom's driveway so it will be ready when I get there. I have only used it in public one time and that was when DH took the kids to one section of Costco and I was on the far side of the building. I wanted to let him know I was in line and to come on down. I never have it on while I am driving. I used to ride with a friend of mine six or seven years ago and she scared the living daylights out of me talking on the phone and driving. She was the poster child for not doing it.

    Cell phones feel like a tether to me and I'd rather be a free spirit. But that's just my opinion.

  5. Tightwad Kitty Says:

    Quote - Congress once debated on eradicating the penny and rounding things off to the nearest nickel. THAT COSTS US MORE MONEY, FOLKS!

    Here in Australia we don't have any coins lower than 5c. for many years now. It's rounded up or down to nearest 5c on the total of the bill. If you buy one item for $2.99 then you pay $3.00, if you buy six items for total of $20.67 you pay $20.65 If pay by EFTPOS (debit card or CC) you pay the full amount. I think New Zealand has a simular system.

    On the subject of Cell phones I don't hear it ring so I only use SMS part of it. Most of the time it off anyway!

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