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Packrat trait uncovered!

May 11th, 2006 at 03:07 am

Wednesdays and Thursdays are the designated cleaning days in my house. I whip out the diluted cleaning products, get on all fours and scrub til' my limbs go limp. Each room in my home gets the royal rubdown- linens washed, rugs scoured, windows wiped. I believe this vigorous cleaning quells the spread of infection/disease in my home. It also helps my children become accustomed to doing their own chores and spot cleanings. When mommy is under the weather, big sister whips out the lysol and windex. Little sister even helps out by taking cups downstairs (one at a time) and picking up after people.

During yesterday's cleaning frenzy, I discovered a box of yard sale items I bought about eight or nine years ago. I'm talking GI Joe dolls (NIB), collectible plates, porcelian dolls, sandwich makers, crochet how-to books, you-name-it-I-bought-it items at 70% off sticker price. I remember purchasing these items solely for future value. My husband asked me if I was going to start selling them. I am at odds because I just can't bear to part with it yet!

Hubby laughed because he saw how attached I was to the "stuff". I then directed his attention to his own stash of junk: various military "collectibles", ill-preserved sports cards, etc. He drew the line when I pointed to a stack of UNOPENED model plane kits he bought back in early 2000. His excuse? "Work's got me real busy right now... I'll do them when I have some free time"

I married a fellow packrat, folks.

3 Responses to “Packrat trait uncovered!”

  1. dmontngrey Says:

    *sigh* Same thing here. We're both packrats and can't part with anything!!

  2. Tara Says:

    Hi My name is Tara and I work for a new talk show. The host of "The Greg Behrendt Show" is a comedian who wrote for "Sex and the City" and is the author of "He's Just Not That Into You."

    I am working on a new episode about pack rats. I would love to hear more about your hoarding habits.

    This is a lighthearted and fun show.

    The Greg Behrendt Show

  3. ROXY Says:

    I read a blog of anothers, that brought me to yours.. now I know why they were hissy fitting... THEY ARE JEALOUS! YOU GOT AN OFFER TO BE ON A TV SHOW AND ALL THEY HAVE IS BLOGS ABOUT OTHER PEOPLES FINANCES AND THEIR OWN.. OMG!LOL I knew that there was envy, greed or jealousy and I just now found out WHY!HAHA

    Good luck and I hope that you took Tara's offer! Smile

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