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The Boomerang Theory

May 13th, 2006 at 04:22 am

I wake up VERY early each morning because it's the only time I have in the day to meditate. I find my thoughts flow better while the birds serenade the aurora. City life can be quite constricting if you can't find solace ::sigh::

Today's post isn't so much about money yet it's pertinent enough to include in this blog. This post deals with a widely known silent rule (murphy's law, karmatic principle,etc.)- "you get what you put out there".

Yesterday, I spent the better part of the day in great spirits because of the refund from the gas company. I just noticed that the money is exactly twice the amount of what I gave my mom for her birthday earlier this week. Hubby thought I was nuts because I gave her so much (200 in cash) but I simply replied with, "Nature will take care of us on the back end." And it did.. the very next day. Creepy huh?

The very same thing happened with a friend of mine that just popped off the radar for quite some time. We'd had a nasty fallout over a mutual acquaintance and I left it up to "Nature". Well... Nature brought me an email this morning along with Mother's Day well wishes.

The boomerang theory/ law of attraction does apply to life. Think positive and things will get better. Don't let life make you feel as though you're out of control. You are always in control no matter how much you think otherwise... much like a car. If you steer the car directly into a pile of muck (grudges, anger, helplesness), you get buried in it for a while. If you drive the car correctly- avoiding potholes, misdirections, and abiding traffic lights(forgive situations, let grudges go, plan positively without greed), you will own the road!

What road are YOU driving today? Will you choose The Road Not Taken? (frost poem)

3 Responses to “The Boomerang Theory”

  1. contrary1 Says:

    I so agree, and I think your post has everything to do with finances.

  2. Homebody Says:

    Much food for thought as I drive to town and run errands.

  3. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Ditto Contrary1.

    Thanks for some much needed food for thought today...Your message was timely for me....oops, just stepped in poo...however, thats the last time today thanks to you!! teehee.

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