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It pays to look! ($24.74 thanks to uncle Sam!)

September 30th, 2012 at 07:18 am

So this is officially day 4 in our new surroundings. We just noticed that there are no AC's in our area. While my daughter is in utter agony over this, I'm actually quite excited. This means I'll be able to sweat properly and not feel the arctic blast in the middle of the night.

During our explorations at a local Target, my hubby and daughter picked out a really nice set of dinnerware. We bought it for $69.99 plus tax and felt it was a bargain. The next day, we visited an outlet mall and found the same set for the same price at 25% off. Not only was it lower in price but the store offered a generous military discount. We returned the dinnerware and purchased the set- and walked out with a whopping $24.74! That money went right into our side discretionary fund because we view it as money spent. The entire outlet mall offers a military discount- we will definitely shop there for our necessities!