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Day Three of Operation: Frugal Fitness

May 29th, 2006 at 02:36 pm

Memorial Day. Supposedly a day for reflection and meditation of those past and present. In 2006, Memorial Day is more like an opportunity for stores to unleash old merchandise by way of discounted sales and clearances. I am a bit affected by this heat so I won't make any specific missions today but the same rules apply (save, document, and distribute points per cash stored).

POINTS Update: 38
I earned 18 points today
Hubby earned 20 points today

I'll take a pic of the credit cards once they're done Smile

End-of-day Update:

Since we were all tuckered out from yesterday, we spent the majority of the day lounging around. We saved money by witholding from two specific activities:

1. No trip into the city to walk around the village. We decided to stay home and work on the backyard as a family (Money otherwise Spent: Metrocards $12, Ferry Parking $6)

2.Lunch and movie date: DaVinci code and lunch at Miyako's ($36 sushi lunch (taken out of the food budget) plus 2/$10.00 tickets for the movie. Theaters charge full price on holidays- no matinee prices Frown

So, We saved a grand total of $74.00 YAYYY!!!

2 Responses to “Day Three of Operation: Frugal Fitness”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    If I understand, you earned 18 points by not spending 18 dollars today??

  2. armywife Says:

    Correct. We all have out set amount of money (weekly allowance) and I decided to skip going to the city which normally comes out to exactly 18 bucks (3 metrocards at $4 each, and $6 parking fee at the Staten Island Ferry). The $18 goes into an envelope and 18 points is added to my reward database. I don't get the cash back. The money is deposited into a separate bank account which will fund future family vacations etc.

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