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One Year Summary

October 18th, 2006 at 11:59 am

On October 9th, my found money jar celebrated its first birthday. The total amount of money we found and redeemed came out to exactly $365.50. During our inspection of coins we found a few valuable coins that proved to be of some value. Their face values were added into the 365.50 but the profit we'd received in exchange came out to exactly 14.00 (five silver half dollars: $17.50- $3.50 (face value) : $14.00)- making our grand total to $379.50.

I am quite happy because these change hunts have also helped my entire family slim down at least five pounds apiece. My daughter Bri is the most enthusiastic of all because she has discovered a new hobby- Numismatics! (aka coin collecting)

In the past week my family has found $20.05 (just enough to start the $20 challenge Smile ). This money marks a new fiscal year for the changepot- we hope to have more or less the same amount at this time next year... is it possible? Stay tuned here and on my blog for updates!

2 Responses to “One Year Summary”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    How do you find so much money? Are you using a metal detector?

  2. armywife Says:

    Hi LuckyRobin,

    No.. no metal detector here Smile
    We go to standard places where change magically accumulates. College campuses are a goldmine!

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