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Time to shake the cob webs out of this wallet and spill it as it is....

October 18th, 2006 at 12:17 pm

I've been bad.
What started off as a good year with lots of excess money and little trips here and there has now become a budgeting nightmare.

My bad points:

I have student loans which threaten to report my payments as late (they kinda are)(20+yrs)

I've got a horrible contract with DirectTV which I have no power to negotiate with (1 yr)

I've got a new lease for a car that barely moves maybe once a week (it's semi-luxury) (3 Yrs)

I've got nice furniture which I now have two zero finance credit lines that give me two years to pay off before turning into giant inflated financial train wrecks. (2 Yrs)

I also have a huge personal debt which I pay monthly and cannot budge or face serious issues- leaving us with one functional check per month.


I won't despair too much.. here are my goo d points:

Thinking ahead of time, I separated two CD's which are due to expire right before thanksgiving- just in time to shop for the holidays so no worries about that.

I have managed to save a few dollars here and there with my envelopes despite not having a budget- though not as impressive as it could have been, three hundred is still a good number for saved money.

I haven't touched the found money but it's nice to know that if I ever need it, I have some money there in case of emergency.

Now that i've got those things off my chest.. it's off to step 2- naming the bills and placing them accordingly. Since I've accumulated two credit card bills, I have to budget out a certain amount of money in order to pay these cards off before 2008. I'll work on those now and post it later Smile

Thanks for reading... and it's great to be back! Smile

4 Responses to “Time to shake the cob webs out of this wallet and spill it as it is....”

  1. mjrube94 Says:

    Most importantly, are you still not smoking? If so, that's a great victory, regardless of what else is going on...Congrats and welcome back!

  2. katwoman Says:

    Glad you're back!

    Now I'm gonna sound mean but.......how did you go from moving into base housing so that this would free up money to getting Direct TV, new furniture and a new car lease on a semi luxury car?

    Sounds like you fell off the frugal wagon.

  3. armywife Says:

    MJRube- Thanks for the welcome Smile I am still smoke-free thanks for asking Smile It does get hard after a full year but i'm hanging in there.

    Katwoman- Thanks. Not mean at all.. just honest. I am being honest about what my financial pitfalls are before I can start up a plan to eliminate them. There are many different levels of frugality. My family cuts spending on some things while indulging on others because, quite simply, we can.

    The new bills weigh down the overall goal but I look at it this way- as long as there are no collection calls, eviction notices, and foreclosure threats, we're good.

  4. ROXY Says:

    You sound so human. That sounds good, too!

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